His Goal: Indestructible Guitar Amps

Written by Johnny Pelhank

Just thirty-minutes from St. Louis, across the big creek — llinois’ Waterloo streets are painted with those colorful stand-out Colonial homes we all imagine when we hear the words ‘small-town America’. Those traffic-free streets, with a wave from each passerby is a quiet reminder of sweet, rural-Midwest past. Despite many similar Midwest towns which are dead (or dying), Waterloo seems to me an up-and-coming town, with three new breweries emerging, and the founder of Longbeard Amplification; Scott Kuhnert.

Scott’s 1840’s colonial home, whose floral wall-papered walls are dressed with aged displays of taxidermy waterfowl might suggest the resident is one of a dying breed of farmers. What you might not assume, is that here – Scott produces some of most creamy & rich sounding guitar amplifiers in the region.

Scott’s firm focus is this — to make things work, and work well. “The idea is to build an indestructible amplifier”, Scott says. Collaborating with Vintage Amp Restorations, and Webber Speakers, Scott is acting ‘mad scientist’, crafting setups professional guitarists love to use. Scott keeps his workspaces deafeningly silent in order that he might focus on each detail of the sounds his products are rendering. Watching him work, it seems Scott visualizes the sound and electricity moving through the equipment, which helps bring his idea of a perfect amp, into reality.

Scott’s ‘Longbeard Amplification’ guitar amps will be used for those who perform for An Under Cover Weekend 11, on August 24–26, at Delmar Hall, St. Louis, Missouri. This year bands will be performing as acts from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s. You can learn more about Longbeard Amplification online and make sure to catch these amps in action at this years
An Under Cover Weekend‘.

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