Secret Show Number Three Wrap Up

Written by EXIST

On Friday April 22, 2016 at the Lemp Brewery St. Louis MO C-Bauer Photography and the creative mind of Cory Sever hosted the third Secret Show. These are pop up shows that happen when they happen with little to no warning. There is usually a week’s notice to plan to make it. You should also be connected in some way with someone who is already going to the show, which is why it’s a secret show and why it’s such a challenge. But the Secret Show crew has got a few friends and a bit more than a week to prepare.

I wasn’t able to make it to the first secret show but show 2 was amazing. Steven Deeds, The Leonas, and The King of St. Louis with a couple other artists performed. It was a really intimate show that really matched the vibe of the crowd. However show 3 was promising to be a bit brighter in a dark way.

Cory is a well-known local artist and a close friend of Chris Bauer. He has a wild spirit and unleashes it within his work, which can sometimes cut your heart in two. It only made sense to do this show with Cory as the Leading act.

With the amount of viewers at the last show the secret show crew decided to put in a bit more work and got more creative with the possibilities! Creating stages, decorating and using every inch of the space to give the anticipated viewers a show worth seeing and practically put on with little to no money. Exist jumped on board with this show last minute and it couldn’t have been better timing. We knew they needed some help and decided to offer up some sweet ideas. Mainly beer and sound but we wanted to help no matter what.

There were live musical performances by WHSKY GNGR, D Monkh Horrell, and The King of St. Louis Scott McNew. Cory performed 4 acts titled Freedom, Love, Sex, Sadness/Party. There were two gallery rooms for 12 artists to display their work. There was free Stagg Beer For those who showed their support C-Bauer Photography was taking some amazing photos, and an epic PRINCE tribute to end the night.

Everything came full circle and it was an amazing event oozing with talented creative people. Four artists were even able to sell some of their work after being viewed in the gallery too.

Keep your facebook scrolling and prepare yourself for when the next Secret Show will pop up.

List of Artists
(alphabetic order)
Katie Aasen, Butt’n Booty, Chad Edwards, Kalin Haydon, Brittany Long, Myles McGrady, Franchesca Narvaez, Lola Ogbara, Will Rimel (w.a.r), Quyhn Huyhn, Amanda Sever, Bryce Sever, Cory Sever, and Vincent Stemmler

Photography By Chris Bauer and a few shots by Johnny Pelhank

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