Field Goal : It’s Good

Written by Johnny Pelhank

Saturday Night on Cherokee Street, Saint Louis, you can usually bounce down the streets and stumble upon a live show. On this rainy Saturday in my search for a delicious pizza I find a “quiet” little punk show taking place right next door to one of my favorite pizza places, Yaquis Pizza. After a couple drinks I find the courage to explore the audio fecal matter oozing out of the Kismet Record Store/Gallery. Inside I find Field Goal getting ready to take the stage. The show was a show and I was there. Here is the bands bio from facebook.:

Field Goal is the coming together of three musicians to play twinkle-y, fun music after failed careers as a deep-sea fisherman, used car salesman, and towel boy for the LA Clippers. Working on new stuff all the time, and gearing up for shows when muggy summer comes rolling through the St. Louis metropolitan.

I really like these creatives. It’s always inspiring to find a bass player that plays better than me as well.

Be sure to check these guys out on the social networks and find out when they will play again.

Field Goal