EXIST to Help

Written by EXIST

When the primary objective of a project is to simply help others, the outcome of such efforts are limitless. With an emphasis on the creative mind, Exist Magazine set out to document an unlikely collaboration between some of Saint Louis’ finest hip-hop innovators and artist / designer Gregory Davis in a public art project to promote a show at The Demo on February 26th. You might have noticed the many faces posters hung up around Saint Louis. A grid of four faces in orange, pink, purple, and teel hung up from Saint Louis Delmar Loop to South City Cherokee Street. The posters depict the cast for friday nights show starting with the headliner Mvstermind, along with Najii Person, J’Demul, and Anthony Lucius. Hanging up posters to promote a show is nothing new, but you may have noticed that these posters were a bit different. The posters were void of any information. The idea grew from a conversation about the abuse of information constantly bombarding the living world. The intention was to promote online, and have the public art to simply exist as art. Since the posters were hung they’ve taken on a life of their own. Fans have brought the project to greater heights by posting and tagging themselves in pictures via social media. Friday, February 26th will conclude the efforts to make a night that Saint Louis will never forget. The show starts at 9pm, and tickets are only $5 if you buy them in advance. We will see you there!