Julie Hill draws you in

Written by Johnny Pelhank

I think most everyone has to take art appreciation at some point in their college career. Most people blow it off because it has nothing to do with what they might be majoring in. However the class introduces students to the the tip of the iceberg of the history of art. Covering the origins of cave paintings to sharks cut in half in embalming fluid. I think it is this class that really makes or breaks an artist starting out. If you can get into it and understand it you will know what it takes to be an artist, or at least have an appreciation for those who do.

I feel like Julie Hill is the type that really loved art appreciation. Her understanding of pen work and craftsmanship stands out as well as her design. Creating everything from portraits of pets to wedding invitations, Julie chats about how she is able to let her creative freedom flow.

Exist- First off just want to say wow! From what I’ve seen you post on Instagram, your work is amazing! I have been following you for a while on your personal account, but have noticed the switch over and it looks like you’re starting a business from these amazing drawings!!

E- Tell me more about how you were able to make the transition from the passion to draw to having clients!

Julie Hill- Thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate it. I’ve been drawing and making art my whole life. I grew up knowing that I wanted to be an artist. I learned a lot while I studied fine arts and art history at Meremac College. I’ve always wanted to make art my career, but finding a job in the art field whether you have a degree or not is hard. For the past couple years I’ve had people ask me to draw wedding invitations or custom drawings. Because of the interest I was getting from friends and family, I had the desire to start my own business. I believed I had to have everything together before I started officially taking clients. I would get ovewhelmed by all the elements that go into a business, from social media accounts, to a website, to business cards. So I just didn’t do anything. I got scared and retreated. My turning point was last spring when I drew a portrait of my dog, Petey. I loved it and posted it on Facebook. Next thing I knew, I was selling custom dog portraits. I got amazing feedback and went a little dog crazy. People asked me what other types of drawings I created, and that’s when I realized I needed a way to showcase my work. I decided to make a website and after that, everything seemed to fall into place. Facebook, Instagram, and etsy soon followed. I transitioned from a hobby to a business by simply doing one thing well. You have to start somewhere. Once you do, I truly believe everything else will organically evolve. The hardest step is the first one, and it is a lot harder in your mind. I’m still in the first stage of my business, and I’m really excited where things are headed. Though dog portraits got my name out there, I love making invitations and custom drawings as well. Everything that I make is drawn by hand and made with love.

website: juliehilldrawings.com
instagram: @juliehilldrawings
facebook: www.facebook.com/juliehilldrawings
etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/juliehilldrawings

Photography by: Emily McDonald – emilysuzannephotography.com