The Rabid Arts

Written by Johnny Pelhank

To me these are some of the most inspiring people I know. Tyler Harris, Hannah Detering, and Greg Davis. The Rabid Arts. A collaborative group thriving to create. They’re bringing their creations to the stage, creating a performance piece like no other. They are able to create together and individually, each with their own style and idea but weld together to create something completely unique. They come together to enlighten, inform, and amuse. With their individuality they collide to create very large murals created with mixed mediums like spray paint, Modge Podge and blood. I would assume the last one is in there for how hard these guys work. Awaiting for the tides to turn in their direction to acquire masses of requests, they sit idly by awaiting their moment to strike. Saint louis Art and Design just got a little more interesting. Be on the look out for these guys and go check them out here … The Rabid Arts Facebook