STL Fashion Week: Style In The Loop

Written by Johnny Pelhank

The day provided perfect weather for an outdoor fashion show. Word spread quick as the street was taken over by carpet and velvet ropes. Photographers gathered and the people found their seats as the hard working volunteers and interns set the stage for designers and their models to start the show. The first thing to kick off the show was a train of models who took to the street and walked all the way around the Delmar loop making noise and letting everyone know about what was going on. With the streets closed off and over five hundred plus people gathered to witness the event it was sure to be a great show. The show featured ten local designers ranging in many styles male and female. Michael Shead, Sansone Designs, I Am Sly, Whitney Manney, Mekhat!, Conjetta, The Scarlett Collection, Ulicni, Devil City, and Andy J all came out to show off their skills in design.

Everyone in the loop was participating in the show. Almost every shop and store in the loop had some sort of event or sale to bring the people out. Devil City had Pin Up models posing in front of their store, Vintage Vinyl was having a record sale, TNT Glass was doing live glass blowing, and the list goes on.

As the music started and the models took the stage every eye was gazed upon the beauty before them. The noise of the cameras shutters took off as photographers captured every moment. Models of every size and color and even young children shared the runway for the show. But before you knew it the show was over.

Applause filled the air and the designers and their models all took one last walk down the runway. The sales were soon to follow as everyone inquired about the garments they saw and where they could find them. The show was a complete success and the hard work that went into putting on the show was evident in the turnout and how smoothly fashion took over a whole street and put it back to its normal state in just 3 hours. For those who were able to make it witnessed fashion and hard work at its best. Style In The Loop and St. Louis Fashion week runs annually and seasonally and is always a great event to attend. Do not miss next year and find yourself a new style or just meet some great people.