Doug Loves St. Louis

Written by Johnny Pelhank

Well last night I had the chance to experience the great Stand Up performance by the one and only Doug Benson with special guest Grahm Elwood. The show was downtown St. Louis at the Firebird. The least likely of places I would have expected to see a comedy show.  My first thought was where are they going to get all the chairs? This venue is known for playing local and national MUSICAL acts from around the world! However this would be my first comedy show at this place.

It was a great night and, I laughed until I cried. Doug hosts a pod cast by the name of Doug Loves Movies, which is based on his love of movies, and weed. He kinda bases his comedy shows around this now since he has so many listeners there. He also features a few games on the show that he brings to his live performances as well. Some of the games include Build-a-Title, ABC deez nuts, and the Leonard Malton game.  I’ll talk about the Leonard Malton game since this one involves the crowd. Everyone at the show, if they listen to the podcast, has a chance to make a name tag to be chosen at the end of the show. The winner chosen by Doug’s guest gets to come up on stage and battle wits. The guest he brought with him this time was “Palm Strike” Graham Elwood. Most people choose to do a Build-a-Title style name tag that they make in photoshop with a scene or the dvd cover of their chosen movie (ex: apoCALEBse now) or something witty or funny that relates to the pod cast. I chose to get really creative, and weed friendly, and bring a St. Louis Imo’s pizza with customized art on the box. My name was written in green peppers on the pizza. The guys at Imo’s were awesome for making it special for me. And the Imo’s logo I switched out the Imo’s guy for my rendition of Doug, and switched out the pizza for a joint. Custom! He was also holding a copy of the movie “The Babe” starring St. Louis Local John Goodman. The game itself though, is played by guessing the movie title given a list of actors from the movie starting from the bottom billed actor. It’s kind of like name that tune, but with movies. Leonard Malton is a famous critic that has a pretty well established opinion on entertainment. Doug reads a clue from his critique, the amount of names you bid, then you guess. But first Graham has to pick a name tag. I thought for sure, as well as everyone else did, that I would get picked! Alas I was wrong. Turn’s out Graham is a vegan so a pizza was a poor choice. He chose a sign that read “Graham I challenge you! Also my name is Jim” … Im not really sure the reference of the “also” part but anyway…

The show was a great success! And St. Louis really knows how to laugh! Especially the guy that sat behind me laughing at every pause or silence. I had time to get a couple of drinks before the show started, Graham was a great opener, and the two of them together are unstoppable! I can’t wait to see them again when they come back! Doug had mentioned he would do a DLM here, unless people keep shouting out movie titles during the games!! So I’ll end this like Doug ends his pod cast… Guy who yells out Teen Wolf is a shit head.