Live and LETLIVE.

Written by Johnny Pelhank



I heard about this show from the band I follow HRVRD. They have been making a few appearances here in St. Louis lately. Which is awesome because Sing Me A Fiction had the chance to open for them, but more on that later. This show which featured two local bands, which I’m sorry but i forgot their names, Night Versus, HRVRD, and LETLIVE. When you throw HRVRD in there the lineup becomes really unique. The local openers were, well, local openers, however they fit the bill and weren’t bad to watch. Then HRVRD took the stage and mesmerized the crowd with their sound flowing over the entranced countenances. HRVRD’s sound is what your mind listens to while you day dream. Its music to inspire and turn switches on in minds of the untamed. It’s glorious music.

Next everyone was snapping to after they realized HRVRD wasn’t playing anymore and prepared for the next performance. NIGHT VERSUS. They changed the mood quick with energetic post punk hardcore mashup of energy that brought the crowd to life! The kids went crazy. The venue I forgot to mention was the FIREBIRD downtown St. Louis. And if you ever get a chance to go to the Firebird, don’t pass it up. Its a great venue for an intimate show, and if your show is crazy get ready to get intimately crazy. Up close and personal. Night Versus really fucked shit up! It was my first time hearing them, and I was instantly a fan. Go buy their music. Go buy all these bands music while you’re at it too. The lead singer of this band really outdid himself with the performance. He really owned the stage. Im sure after touring with LETLIVE though they might feed off each other, because LETLIVE brought it to another level.

LETLIVE kicked the crowds ass. The front man here was a professional. He really made this show a night to remember, and I’m glad I had my camera with me. From hanging in the rafters of the building like a wild beast in a cage, to hanging from the mic cable by his neck. Yes I typed that correctly. The band as a whole was really something else too. The lead guitarist at one point near the end of the show throws down his cabinet of speakers, grabs a beer bottle out of the hand of a guy in the crowd, and starts making his guitar speak a language only the people in the crowd knew how to translate.

This show was crazy. It really brought me back to the first time I went to a show and learned the language of the music. It’s the only way to communicate, well besides blogs.

Go check out these bands and support your local music scene.